Brown Girl Lost but Greedy T Shirt (Model Damaris)(photographer Kevin Avington)

Lost but Greedy T Shirt Collection

This T Shirt Collection was to help understand life from different view points. No matter who you are what you choose in your religious or spiritual journey the main focus will always be the bag.

Although, we like to pretend like money doesn’t make us some sort of happy or like it isn’t something that we all work for or can relate to — it does. Despite our differences it has the power to bring us together just as much as it can tear people a part. 

On the sleeve of the Tee 1 Timothy 6:10 quotes “For the love of money is the root to all kinds of evil”. This is a set reminder for us to always be aware of our character and who we are despite how important money is and will become to us in our life journey. Money isn’t evil, the person you are creating could be! 

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