Kate is the women behind the scenes helping the model


A Milli Merch is a luxury streetwear brand that encourages others to live a defiant lifestyle. This consists of daring to be the best you and always being your authentic self. A Milli Merch was created to empower who you are and inspire you to grow and we trust that defiance, braveness and boldness will get you there. Living by the motto "Who you are on the inside reflects on the outside" makes it only right to create more direct designs with exceptional quality.  Producing integrated garments with a more simplified design is a way for us to show you why quality is just as important as design which is also a reflection of the quality human A Milli Merch stands for. 

The Founder:

Kate comes from a powerful background that was always different from most people around her. Growing up with a large, opinionated family, who is driven by freedom of expression and loving others, made it easy for her to follow the beat of her own drum and organically want to empower others to do so as well.

To Katie, the name A Milli Merch signifies more than becoming a millionaire in the literal sense. A Milli Merch is about who you are on the inside. Being brave and bold enough to put in the work for a greater you is A Milli spirit! It is imperative that Kate is able to let others feel her passion through her different collections and designs. She is always working to better serve you and works to maintain a valuable brand that's relatable to you. 

We are hoping A Milli Merch luxury streetwear brand helps to encourage you to live a defiant lifestyle from inside to outside to fashion. 



A Milli Merch & Kate